Friday, August 21, 2009

Blogspot meet Harris Everitt!

Harris Gregory Everitt
4 1/2 months old
He is a great baby!  He is happy and loves to laugh and play with toys!  
He LOVES to laugh at Daddy!

He has a very sweet personality that we are already beginning to see.  Look at those Elliott Everitt eyes!  

Daddy and his new little man!  

Thomas turns TWO!

Thomas turns two!
In his own words he had a "Happy Day."  He started the day with 'cakes" and ended the day with Sprite and a blue cookie.  We had some of his little friends from church over to play with his new slide and the kiddy pools.  Complete with a Pablo cake, bubbles, sidewalk chalk, cheese puffs and grapes---He had a great day!

Everitt Party of 4
Harris-4 months, Mommy, Thomas-2 year, Daddy

Harris, Thomas and our friend Wyatt swimming in the pooh!

Weeeeeh!   I love the water!

This year's cake was based on Thomas' favorite cartoon "The Backyardigans."  He LOVES the penguin Pablo so it was easy for Mommy to pick a theme for this years party and cake!